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Do you have symptoms that concern you? Let us help you find the answers.

Have you already seen an eye doctor? Do you have a diagnosis that concerns you?

Find out about the treatments we offer and what options you may have.

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“I thank my God for blessing me to have your skills and experience ministering to my left eye. Thanks again for the repair of the eye and the kindness given.” 


—  J.Y.    

—  Name, Title


Retina Consultants of Southern California has been serving the Inland Empire since 2000. Founded by Dr. Richard Pesavento and Dr. John Carlson, our mission is to provide our patients with the highest level of care in the field of retinal medicine

and surgery.


We have offices in Redlands, Riverside and Victorville. We also provide care in conjunction with Inland Eye Specialists in Hemet and Murrieta.

All of the physicians at Retina Consultants have active teaching appointments at Loma Linda University.


In addition, we provide the retinal and surgical care to the Loma Linda Veterans Administration Hospital.

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