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Retina Care is Our Specialty

Retina Consultants of Southern California (RCSC) was established and has continuously provided retina care for patients since 2000. The doctors at RCSC feel that continuity of care is important both in patient satisfaction with their care and with treatment outcomes. In many medical practices doctors come and go, but we have striven to maintain continuity of care with all of our patients. We also strive to accept as many insurance plans as possible to avoid disruption in patient care when insurance changes. We provide unsurpassed state-of-the-art care. Our priority is to be an advocate for our patients and to provide the best treatment available.


There are many conditions that are treated with injections. Find out if this treatment is an option.

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Depending on your condition, surgery may be an excellent option.


Laser retinal procedures can be performed for a number of different conditions. 

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Find out if you qualify for any of our clinical trials.

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