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Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity can be related to many disturbances in the visual system.  The severity of the light sensitivity is a good indicator of how urgent and serious the problem is.  Something as minor as the wrong glasses, or need for glasses, can cause light sensitivity in the form a glare from lights at night time.  A more concerning form of light sensitivity is actual pain when exposed to bright lights or the sun.  If there are associated symptoms such as redness of the eye or blurred vision then it is urgent to be evaluated by an ophthalmologist for a serious vision threatening problem called iritis.  


Iritis is an inflammatory disease of the eye that often causes eye redness, blurry vision and light sensitivity.  This can be successfully treated with steroid eye drops such as Pred Forte or Durezol.  These are prescription medications that should only be used by and experience doctor since there are potential serious side effects such as increased eye pressure or cataracts.

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